Wer wir sind:

GWR besteht aus den DoPs Florian Geyer und Nicolai Wolf. Wir sind zwei Kameramänner und in den Bereichen Spielfilm, Dokumentarfilm und Werbung tätig.
Egal ob am Set oder bei GWR, wir lieben gut gemachte Arbeit. Unsere Dreherfahrungen geben wir direkt an unsere Kunden bei GWR weiter und bieten ausschließlich Equipment an, das wir auch selbst einsetzen. Unsere Ausrüstung unterliegt strengen Qualitätskontrollen, ist immer durchdacht zusammengestellt und komplett drehfertig.

We are:

GWR is a joint venture of DoPs Florian Geyer and Nicolai Wolf. We are a team of two DoPs, who work in feature, documentaries and comercials.
Whether on set or renting out equipment, we do love every job well done. Working in film ourselves gives us a hands-on understanding of the filmmaking process and the possibility to offer reliable equipment to all the productions we service. Our gear passes strict quality control, we are committed to create a new quality standard with GWR based on our key: professionalism.






What services we offer:

GWR does more than simply provide equipment, we offer a wide range of professional consulting, support and production services through our large network of trusted companies and crew members.

  • - we can source almost any additional film or grip equipment for you
  • - in-house color correction / grading / postproduction services
  • - on set grading, data wrangling and backup, LUT and dailies creation for editorial
  • - prep-to-post workflow development and consulting for projects
  • - custom camera calibration for all major digital camera systems
  • - we gladly assist in studio scout and rentals
  • - we offer any production and crew services you might need for your shoot

We’re here to help you find just the right tools and people for your shoot, so don’t hesitate to get in touch about your project or ask for advice. We're happy to help!




GWR is:

Florian Geyer   ·  https://floriangeyer-berlin.de/
Nicolai Wolf   ·  https://www.nicolaiwolf.de/



GWR Mobile Color Lab + Grading Studio (pictured below)

  • - on location mobile color lab, render station, DIT, and data wrangling services with integrated CFast, XQD, SD and CFexpress card readers, 12TB SSD RAID for instant backups and built-in eGPU for hardware accelerated renders
  • - our Studio is based in central Berlin-Friedrichshain, with space for up to 5 people
  • - both offer accurate monitoring with calibrated Sony Trimaster SDR/HDR monitor, 100% BT.709 + 99% DCI-P3
  • - fully integrated hardware correction panels, up to 8K resolution timelines and 4K realtime playback
  • - Live Remote Grading available, secure dailies and file server on site


GWR DaVinci Resolve Grading Studio